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How to Choose a Plumber in Kansas City: Hiring Tips and Questions to Ask


How to Choose a Plumber in Kansas City

While the plumbing job market is booming, there are more options than ever, meaning that consumers need to be more discerning. Finding a plumber in Kansas City is easy, but finding one who is trustworthy is a whole other animal altogether. The best plumbers might not be the ones that come up first on a search engine, so you need to know what qualities to look for.

Here’s what you need to do when you’re seeking the best plumber in Kansas City.

Ask For Advice

While 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as they do a recommendation from a friend, consider asking around for a good plumber. Finding the right plumber in your time of need is essential. While you might be facing an emergency, taking a little time to find the right person can make a difference.

Ask neighbors and friends who live nearby who they trust. They’ll let you know who they’ve worked with before and could even spare you a headache by warning you of bad service they’ve gotten in the past.

Ask About Licensing

While some states, like Kansas, require no license to work as a plumber, others require many hours of training before you can call yourself a plumber. Ask what licenses and certifications your plumber has before you hire them.

More importantly, look at your state’s requirements. If your plumber has licensing, that’s reassuring. However, if other plumbers have a higher rank or more advanced license, you might want to hire them instead.

If someone offers to help you instead of making you hire a plumber, kindly decline the offer. The fact of the matter is that without a license and insurance, you’re not protected from any mistakes they make. Hire someone who is a trained professional and who has credentials you can count on.

Don’t be afraid to ask about credentials. Any plumber would be proud to share the credentials they’ve earned.

How Do They Treat You?

When you’re dealing with a plumber, you’re letting a stranger in your home. It’s vital that you feel safe and comfortable with them.

First, you should assess how you felt when you called them on the phone. They should be cordial and friendly. If they’re going to send you a bill for hundreds of dollars, they should treat you well during the process.

Then, they should arrive in some kind of uniform. If you’re hiring a worker from a company, it should be clear who they are and who they work for when they arrive. A professional appearance relaxes first-time customers.

After that, expect them to respect your personal space. You want someone who comes into your home to be tidy and kind. They should treat you and your property like they would want their home treated, cleaning up along the way.

Ask For Estimates

It’s within your right to ask for estimates from a plumber before you agree to work with them. Their estimates should also be accurate. Estimates that you can’t rely on are completely meaningless.

Most plumbers will estimate figures that are close or even above what they think it will cost you. They know that customers would rather pay less than the quoted price than more. If they need to change the price quoted to you because they’ve found more problems or need extra parts, they should inform you right away.

If they break something and cause a problem or a flood, they should be willing to take care of that. That’s why the aforementioned insurance matters. If they break something and then charge you for the labor to fix it, you should be able to contest that figure.

Are They Available 24/7?

Ultimately, plumbing emergencies never happen at a convenient moment. By Murphy’s Law, it’s almost like they’re more likely to occur during a night, weekend, or during off-hours.

Part of that has to do with the simple fact that when plumbers are in their office, you’re likely at yours. You might not notice a problem until after you get home from work and after most plumbing places close.

That’s why you need a plumber that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nights, weekends, and holidays are when you want to spend the most time at home. If you’re cleaning up a flood or trying to fix a leak, you’re not making the most of your time off.

Professional plumbers also shouldn’t keep you sitting around. Rather than a vague six-hour window, they should tell you when they’re coming and show up. Your time is valuable. Don’t allow anyone that you’re paying to treat you as an afterthought.

Expect a Warranty

When you get work done at your home, it’s reasonable for you to expect that you won’t have the same problem for a while. Any plumber who stands behind their work will give you a warranty.

On top of that, your plumber is only human and bound to make mistakes. If they swap out an ill-fitting part or miss a fix that they agreed to, they should hustle out to fix the issue.

Their work is only as good as the warranty. You’d prefer to deal with a warranty than to have to go to court.

Expect the Best From a Plumber in Kansas City

When you’re looking for a plumber in Kansas City, choose one that’s certified and delivers honest and dependable work at a fair price.

John The Plumber has worked hard to serve the Kansas City community for over 30 years. For a certified master plumber that respects your time and understands your situation, contact us today!

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